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  • Pinball in outer space.
  • 9 challenging missions, 47 addicting levels in 5 different worlds
  • Breakable flippers force you to try to play with half a flipper.
  • Three different color modes to reproduce great rendered graphics.
  • Three different screen resolutions.
  • Terrific sound effects.
  • Fully customizable controls for flippers and nudging.


Pinball with a twist


Pinball with a twist. Invasion is a Space invaders clone with a pinball theme.


Great effects, explosions and flying saucers.


You have to keep an eye out for everything as the games get harder as time as you move along.


The play is good and there sights and sounds are okay, but the feeling of controlling the flippers and the occasional tilt is what seems to be missing.


Fairly quick to pick up and just as quick to master.

OVERALL SCORE: 89 out of 100

Since I like my pinball the old fashioned way I kind of lost interest after about 2 hours of playing. My kids played longer and since they haven't had the "exposure" I have they seemed to like it a lot. The play is as fast as you can handle and the skill and challenges increase the longer you play. Get ready, hold onto the bumpers and begin the fun.

WildSnake™ Pinball: INVASION

WildSnake(TM) Pinball: INVASION - 9 missions, 47 levels, 5 worlds

Following the success of the first pinball simulation in the WildSnake™ Pinball series but with another new twist of the pinball genre WildSnake™ Pinball: INVASION arrives!

Be prepared for the unstoppable addiction of real arcade games. No more "start button" presses! Shoot again and again through 9 missions and 47 levels. Fight against smart alien armadas and kill the mission bosses.

Featuring an out of this world theme this table is a fun relaxation from the normal routine for all you crazy pinball gamers out there!

The uniquly styled game gives you the chance to fight back an alien invasion through 9 multi-level missions that you alone must complete to save the universe. In the end, it's nothing more than you against the aliens! And we all know, the only good alien is a dead alien!

Download FREE Demo

Download FREE Demo

7.69 MB German edition

Play beyond the demo!

  • 9 challenging missions, 47 addicting levels in 5 different worlds.
  • More aliens and mission bosses to kill.
  • Additional in-game bonuses.
  • Unlimited play.
  • Submit your best score to the Official High Score list.
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System requirements

  • PC with 200 MHz equivalent or higher processor
  • Microsoft® Windows® 98/NT/Me/XP/2000 operating system or later
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • 20 MB available hard disk space
  • Microsoft DirectX® 3.0 or later
  • Microsoft DirectX® 3.0 compatible 1MB PCI video card capable of at least 640 x 480 256-color display
  • Microsoft DirectX® 3.0 compatible sound card (optional)
  • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device (optional)
  • Microsoft DirectX® 3.0 compatible joystick or game pad (optional)

Top INVASION Highscores

Rank Nick Country Score Mission Level Date
1 GIL FRANCE 305,492,933 2 1 11/05/22
2 Tony Stinson KENTUCKY 305,492,931 10 2011 09/09/01
3 Paul Kirkwood, MO 243,562,500 10 802 09/03/10
4 johnny t holy see 145,779,500 10 445 08/03/09
5 BuiQuanTiBa VIET NAM 103,284,000 10 104 06/10/08
6 Georges Diest (Belgium) 95,139,250 10 257 06/05/16
7 QuBik Qc, Canada 87,106,622 10 582 06/05/26
8 Sigur■ˇr P Iceland 85,699,250 10 88 09/11/17
9 SIMONKING MALTA 83,802,500 10 71 05/01/29
10 salvinu malta 73,150,000 10 59 05/10/23
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